On the Creative City Concept

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Thirty years ago, the concept that in some way unites culture and the city arose. In this essay, we talk about the creative city, the concept developed from the creative and cultural industries by various authors – mostly Anglo-Saxons, that defend the idea that the future of cities depends on human potential and creativity. In order to summarize different approaches to the concept of a creative city, this essay offers the historical review of the concept summed up in three basic axes. First, the creative city that focuses on the idea of creativity as a set of tools for urban development (LANDRY 2012; BAYCAN-LEVENT 2010; UNCTAD 2008). Second, the notion of a creative city that is strongly supported by the use of creative activities/industries (FLORIDA 2004; MERKEL 2008; MILES/PADDISON 2005). Finally, a third approach that, analyzing cities, highlights the ability to attract creative skills, that is, creative human resources (MILES/PADDISON 2005; PRATT 2008; SCOTT 2006).


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Creative Cities off the Beaten Path

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