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Wirkung und Qualität kombiniert
Ein Qualitätsmanagementsystem für Theater

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This paper presents and discusses an impact-oriented quality management approach in the arts. First, the business-management understanding of quality management is defined and then – based on theoretical and conceptual considerations – linked to the creative context and the question of how cultural organizations perform. Subsequently, a model for an impact-oriented quality management approach (Theater Quality Frame) is presented, which has been developed as a pilot project at a Swiss theater and is currently in use. The model combines a process map, which contains all the theater processes, with a performance monitor, which serves as a measuring instrument for the organizational objectives. The Theater Quality Frame is compatible with the international ISO 9001 quality management standards. Finally, the presented impact-oriented quality-management approach is discussed from a practical and organization-theory perspective.


2017 (1)
Evaluation im Kulturbereich

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