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Resource Development in Refugee Arts Organizations: The Case of the Malaika Theater


Following the so-called European refugee crisis in 2014-2015, artists, cultural institutions, and funding bodies initiated and supported numerous arts projects aimed at fostering integration by broadening access to cultural life. The promotion of social cohesion through cultural participation was featured, amongst other topics, in the Swiss political agenda. While some studies have attempted to provide insights into the outcome and impact of such social goals within the arts, little is still known about arts participatory projects from an organizational perspective. This study explores a refugee theater organization and thus aims to offer a deeper understanding of participatory projects and organizations using arts and cultural activities as a medium for social integration. It draws on resource-based thinking in order to explore how such ventures are initiated and sustained by focusing on how tangible and intangible resources are bundled and transformed over time. Our article also reflects on the implications of the study’s findings for arts management and cultural policymaking.


2021 (2)
Transformation and Upheavals: The Effects of Crises and Conflicts on the Arts

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