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Mit interdisziplinären Veranstaltungsprogrammen neue und junge Besucher für Museen und Ausstellungshäuser gewinnen
Ergebnisse und Konsequenzen korrespondierender Evaluationen der Ausstellungen und gattungsübergreifenden Veranstaltungen im Hamburger Bucerius Kunst Forum

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This case study at the Bucerius Kunst Forum in Hamburg demonstrates how evaluating museums and exhibition facilities can be used as a strategic management and planning tool for exhibition and event programming.

An evaluation of the exhibition program in 2013 showed that younger (first-time) visitors, and visitors with little affinity to museums, were underrepresented at the exhibitions. Making changes to the exhibition program, a new corporate design, and increasing our activity on social media were used to change the demographic of the audience. A renewed evaluation of the exhibition program in 2016 examined the effects of these measures, and evaluated the exhibition forum’s extensive cross-genre event program.

The corresponding evaluation also examined which demographics in general were addressed by the interdisciplinary event programs and which event formats can be used to gain new and younger visitors. In addition, we focused on the role that partnerships can play in this context.

The results show that the make-up of the audience changed between 2013 and 2016: we improved our contact to our desired demographic. Evaluating the event program highlighted event formats and cooperation partners that provide direction in achieving these goals.


2017 (2)
Evaluation im Kulturbereich II

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