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Power as Concept of structure and organization in theatre

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The article is based on the study Art and Power in the Theater (2018), which was conducted among nearly 2,000 participants – primarily artistic staff and performers. The article analyzes the topics of power and abuse in the theater organizations. Key findings include that over 50 % of participants have experienced at least one abuse of power in their careers. In addition, the social demands of employees in many theaters are simply ignored, while the interests of the directors are placed at the center. The theaters are structurally organized to promote the abuse of power. Moreover, mission statements and codes of conduct are lacking to regulate the use of power. It is not expected, that their directors are trained in human resources, management or social skills. Any senior theater artist, who has the necessary artistic prerequisites and the right networks, is considered to be capable of leadership in theaters. Power becomes a management tool, consolidating hierarchical structures and the director-centered governance model. It thus becomes a structural and organizational concept in the German theater landscape.


2019 (2)
Theatre – Politics – Management

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