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Integration oder Interkultur?
Reflexionen anlässlich eines Studienprojekts (2014-2015) zu Interkulturalität in Innsbrucker Kultureinrichtungen

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The city of Innsbruck has a high proportion of residents with migration backgrounds. For this reason, a multi-part empirical study with the working title “Cultural participation by migrants in Innsbruck” was carried out as a practical project by students at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol (Master’s program in Sports, Culture and Event Management), in the summer semester 2014 and winter semester 2014/15. The study was supervised by professors and conducted at the request of the Cultural Office of the City of Innsbruck. Based on the key findings of this study, this paper begins by explaining the current situation in Austria, as well as the limitations of applying research from Germany to Austria on a 1:1 basis. Furthermore, the study examines the relationship between integration and intercultural discourse and the possible roles of cultural institutions in this field of tension. Language awareness and structural changes, among other things, are then presented as ways of initiating new approaches and possible overarching measures.


2016 (2)
Kunst, Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

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