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When the Fachverband für Kulturmanagement was founded, it intended to publish a periodical in order to not only give a home to the field’s debates within academic research and teaching, but also, more than that, to facilitate them. This platform was established with the Jahrbuch für Kulturmanagement, of which five volumes1 have appeared since 2009, portraying the complex range between the development and reflection of theory and the inherent practice-orientation in cultural management. The periodical also takes on an important constitutive role with regard to the establishment of the still young academic discipline itself.2

With a view to improve topicality and to shorten the publication cycle, the editors have decided to replace the annual by the semi-annual Zeitschrift für Kulturmanagement: Kunst, Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft / Journal of Cultural Management: Arts, Economics, Policy. This journal aims at making it clear that the topics of cultural management are not limited to economic concerns, but should rather take into account the area of culture in its total historical, political, social, and economic conditions and interconnections, and reflect it critically, based on scholarly methodology and theoretical foundation. Experts from neighbouring academic disciplines such as cultural sociology and policy, art studies, theatre studies, musicology, cultural pedagogy and general economics are explicitly addressed so as to enrich the cultural management discourse with their contributions. In addition, the new journal intends to steer the perspective even more strongly than the Jahrbuch away from the boundaries of the German-language disussion and to join in on the scholarly discourse in cultural politics and management in Europe. For this reason, more English-language articles will be acquired. The division of the new journal into spring and autumn issues will incorporate the current direction of the field’s discourse. The autumn issue ideally consists of the papers from the Fachverband’s annual conference. In this issue the proceedings of the January 2014 conference in Kufstein, Austria, are printed. The spring issue is planned as an open issue, which does not, however, exclude thematic focuses.

The journal follows international academic standards. Therefore, all articles are proofread and peer-reviewed in a double-blind procedure. Further information about the peer-review procedure can be found on the website (<http://www.fachverband-kulturmanagement.org/call for papers>).

The editors hope that the Zeitschrift für Kulturmanagement: Kunst, Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft / Journal of Cultural Management: Arts, Economics, Policy will be able to stimulate, in the tradition of the Jahrbuch für Kulturmanagement, an intensive debate about theory- and practice-oriented questions concerning culture.


Steffen Höhne and Martin Tröndle
(Editors in Chief)

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