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Co-Creation-Prozesse in Livemusikkonzerten
Am Beispiel der Integration von Smartphones

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The availability and omnipresence of digital media opened up new possibilities within cultural management. In recent years there has been a noticeable trend in the cultural industry to develop appropriate apps for interacting with customers – also on site, which enables the customer to be integrated in the creation of service. Against this background, the paper focuses on an app from the field of popular music, specifically the function “Mobile Light Show” on the official app of pop singer Helene Fischer, which enables concertgoers to become actively involved in the dramaturgy of the concert. By aligning a smartphone display towards the stage, the color and brightness of the phone display are controlled by the acoustic signals of the music. This paper outlines the theoretical framework of customer experience management (CEM) and discusses how this particular function of the app offers new opportunities for CEM as a co-creation process in the context of live music concerts. The particular relevance of the presented app function for CEM is its ability to shape an element of the show that is normally not influenced by concertgoers.


2016 (2)
Kunst, Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

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