Journal Review

What’s on in Arts Marketing Research?


The aim of this article is to provide an overview of current studies and contributions from cultural marketing research and, where applicable, to identify topics and approaches that are currently receiving increased attention. For this purpose–analogous to an article published in this journal in 2015 with the same objective (BEKMEIER-FEUERHAHN/ ADAM/OBER-HEILIG 2015)–six relevant academic journals of cul- tural management and the non-profit sector were reviewed (see table 1). Unlike in the 2015 article, the Journal of Cultural Management and Cultural Policy itself was also taken into account as well as the Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society. For the compilation in this con- tribution, articles were selected which relate specifically to marketing issues in the arts sector or have relevance to this field because they deal with problems from the non-profit sector that can be informative for the cultural sector as well. The underlying concept of marketing is broadly defined and includes all measures undertaken to maintain and optimize the external relations of an organization, a project or an artist. Table 1 lists the journals that were taken under review. The review refers to the period April 2020 to July 2021.