Recommendations are Golden
Referral Marketing via Influencers for Arts and Cultural Organizations


This essay analyses how the digital transformation is influencing the marketing communication measures used by arts and cultural organizations. Media use has shifted towards the online sphere; at the same time, overstimulation of the senses by advertisements provokes insecurities regarding product choice. As a consequence, consumers often base purchase decisions on online referrals. Since the offerings of the arts and cultural sector cannot generally be tested in advance, credible marketing communication presents difficulties. This essay applies the findings of relevant literature on referral marketing, particularly influencer marketing, to arts and cultural institutions. Influencer marketing can reduce uncertainties and aids customers in reaching decisions. Strategies, opportunities and risks are outlined to provide an overview of the marketing strategy. Two examples illustrate that opinions are divided regarding the growth in influencers who review art. 


2021 (1)
Digital Arts and Culture: Transformation or Transgression?

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