Case Study

Missing the Audience
Online Musicking in Times of COVID-19


The outbreak of COVID-19 has greatly impacted musicians and orchestras. While many orchestras had ample experience in producing and distributing their concerts online, others now had to experiment with new ways of performing online. But how to perform classical music without the rituals and routines of the concert hall? And what skills are required for musicians and orchestras to engage in online musicking? Based on our fieldwork during the experiment Online Musicking, which took place during the first lockdown in the Netherlands in 2020, we explicate the hidden work that goes into producing and distributing a collaborative classical music video, regarding performance qualities, audience participation, and societal relevance. The case of Online Musicking shows the challenges of shaping a digital offer for online audiences, and the value of experimentation for orchestras, which are finding new ways to produce and distribute their concerts online. 


2021 (1)
Digital Arts and Culture: Transformation or Transgression?

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