Research Article

"I've definitely become more inventive" or "I'm afraid I've been so paralyzed by it all...". The Role of Personal Dynamic Skills in Music Practice Professions during the Corona Crisis


The Corona crisis had a fundamental impact on the lives of professional musicians. This cross-sectional study is a unique contribution to examining the influence of individual job-related variables and professional group membership on different experiences of the crisis. In addition, actual behaviour is recorded and the findings are supplemented qualitatively. The sample comprises N = 396 persons in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The evaluation is carried out by means of structural equation modelling (PLS-SEM) and content analysis. The central findings are that personal dynamic capabilities can reduce the negative effects of the Corona crisis and that a suspected decrease in cultural diversity cannot be confirmed in principle. Approaches strengthening resilience lie in overcoming psychological, financial and methodological barriers and in promoting peer reflection and exchange – not only in times of crisis. The data was collected via online questionnaire in the first year of the Corona crisis in
February 2021.