Museum - Politics - Management

In light of the global pandemic, environmental degradation, and racial justice crises, the contributions of this issue offer timely responses and thorough research on museum management, collection and archiving practices, curatorial approaches, and cultural policy instruments used to transform existing museum infrastructures. What is a “decolonized” collection? How does this affect exhibition development and public programming? How can museums serve a diverse future collective memory and what implications does this have for museum users? What role does “the digital museum” play in this context? And how does cultural policy need to respond to such novel approaches? Including perspectives from many parts of the world, this issue discusses ideas of what 21st century museums could be.

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2020 (2)
Museum - Politics - Management

Constance DeVereaux / Steffen Höhne / Martin Tröndle / Zahava D. Doering (Eds.)

264 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8376-4958-1



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